June 30, 2013

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Grocery Budget

I am finding it easier to stay on budget. The more I put it in to practice and the more conscious I am of my  spending habits, the  more I am able to successful live one income lifestyle,

The 4 Easy Ways to Start Creating A Grocery Budget

  1. Calculate what you  normally spending on grocery.
    • First things first, you need to figure out how the average you spend on food each month.  
      • For 1 full month (4 full weeks), keep a tally of every dollar you send on food (don't forget eating out)
    • After you've  figured out what  has been your usual grocery bill, deduct  $ 5- $10- $20 or  $25 from the monthly total. Deducting to much money quickly may leave you shocked, short or even  hungry for that matter. Best to be realistic. Take baby steps.
  2. Plan you meals
    • Not a planner? At least prepare some type of list. What do you usually buy? I try not to walk into the  grocery store without a grocery list. If I do, I end up taking another trip to the grocery store.  I have had weeks when I went to the grocery store daily! What a waste of time!
  3. Take a trip to the bank for Get Cash ( only  withdraw the budgeted  grocery amount)
    • Yes, you will be paying cash. Did you know, people spend less money when they pay cash for an item then if they were to use a credit card or an debit card? 
  4. Time to Shop
    •  I use the calculator app on my phone. It helps me stay of track.
    • Some grocery stores also have a hand held self scanner that you can use to track your spending as you scan each item you put in your cart.

      Just a Thought:
      Start your shopping at a dollar store or discount grocery store.  I always start my shopping at the dollar store before I move over to a large grocery store. It just makes sense. I constantly find items on my grocery list that were at the dollar store and guess what? It just cost a dollar.

Once you have made it a habit and your grocery budget is lowered, decrease the dollar amount again. You will find that you will start making better purchasing choices, then if you did not have a plan.

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