July 3, 2013

Take Charge of Your Money Problems... Great Place to Start!

Follow along with me, one step at a time.
For the longest time, I never knew how to control my spending. It always controlled me. Why is it that there seems to be more month then money? I was always been short and I never seemed to have enough. 

Where does it all go!
Sounds, familiar?
Well, it does to me.
Finally, I had it. It’s time for me to take control of my money instead of my money controlling me! This time, I am determined. I was recently introduced to a system that if followed, promises to bring you peace and tranquility knowing that your bills will be  paid and that you will even have some money in the bank. I have divided the steps into sections and topics, to help simplify the process.
Start  Here Part  #1

Let's Begin: How to Take Charge of Your Money Problems...          Great Place to Start!


Our goals  for Step 1 is to go away to a quite place, with and notepad and a pencil and jot down all of my  monthly expenses.
What are the expenses that you pay regularly?
Utilities, Car Insurance, Mortgage, Grocery, Gasoline , etc...

This is how our monthly expenses look like:

Please Note the Cable Internet Bill.

We will share a secret with YOU, in a bit!

Make sure to Share the Secret  with everyone that you know, looking to save money and cutting back on expenses, lie we are. Every little help counts.

After writing down my monthly expenses, we will then write a list of expenses that arrives  every year that I somehow overlook planning for.

We don't know why, we don't plan for the periodic expenses  but we  do.
You might find it helpful to pull only checking registers out or go online and look at last years bank statements for this step.

Our Yearly Periodic Expense are:

Can you think of anything  other periodic expense that sneak by you? 

 Budgeting and planning can  be a little overwhelming. So we will take thing one  steps at a time and in different sessions. 

We have completed Step 1
How to Take Charge of Your Money Problems...

Don't hesitate to  leave a quick comment with any suggestions or let us know if you will be joining us on this journey

 How to Take Charge of Your Money Problems...Get Current 

Here is  the Secret!!!
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