August 18, 2013

#5 Top Ways to Save Big Money... On Your Want and Need List

Through out  my journey in life, I have I discovered the wonderful world of “frugal living.” 
Here I will tell you the #5 Top Ways to Save Big Money... On Your Want and Need List

There was a time in my life that I would never have been seen in these stores or buying bargains.  However, I humbly come to the realization that for years I have been trying to live a life focused on idols, stuff and impressing others but as you may know, that really did not add anything to my  quality of life in fact, it added a great  amount of stress because I could keep up with the Jones'.

Where I have learned to Shop :

#5 Top Ways to Save Big Money...   On Your Want and Need List



 Where and When do I visit?

  • Where?
    • Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops
    • Better Areas in Town
  • When?
    • Regularly- merchandise  are never the same and you will unlikely find  two of a kind. Its like a revolving door in these shops.
    • On  Sales Days- subscribe to receive emails or mail notifications 
    • On senior Citizen days/ hours
    • Seasonally

During the recent recession, these places were even more popular place to shop. Here, where I am from, you have so many options on where to buy on a budget and actually get great things.
One thing, I am doing is: when I find I am in WANT of something. I write it down on a notepad  and during my monthly shopping time I  keep my eyes open for the items on my list.

And Guess What?

I have gotten   lucky and found exactly what I needed, on may occasions.
It just takes will power , determination and a sense of belief that what ever you ask for, is going to be given to you.

We just need to wait, on it.
I have bought some amazing items in Thrift Store and Consignment Store that when I am walking out of the  store I usually have the  biggest grin because I saved, saved, saved  on Great Stuff!

What frugal thing do you do to, stretch your money? I really would like to hear your ideas!
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