October 14, 2013

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

It is hard to believe Halloween is just a couple weeks away.  I don't know about you'all but holidays are sort of a big deal around my house.  From birth up until a couple of years ago my son was obsessed with Star Wars.  Do you have any ideas how expensive cheaply made Star Wars costumes can be!?!  And seriously do you know how terribly "cheap" those very expensive costumes are!?! So what do you do with a detail obsessed child and a single income?  Here are a few tips to Halloween Costumes on a Budget that I have picked up over the years.

1) Make them yourself. -  So I realize that as a single person not everyone has the time or the skill to make their own Halloween costumes on a budget.  That being said if you are at all crafty, plan ahead and devote a few hours to making your own Halloween costumes, I am positive your one of a kind costumes will always out shine those over priced poor quality store bought costumes.  

Whenever, I decide to go this route for our Halloween costumes, I make sure to keep an eye out for a 99 cent pattern sale and either recycle old fabric I am no longer using or make a trip to the discount ($1.99/yard) fabric store a couple of towns over.  

2) Thrift Shops!! -  A personal favorite of mine.  Not only are thrift shops great for finding that perfect blue 10th Doctor for only $7.99,  (My son is no longer obsessed with Star Wars, we are now Whovians.) but most good thrift shops have a wide variety of pre-made costumes, both used and new.  

No, that is not my son, just who he aspires to be these days. :-)
This year favorite Thrift Shop is featuring Zombie-chic in their 2013 Halloween collection.  Personally, since we are talking Halloween costumes on a budget, I would just buy the $7.99 suit  and take a pair of scissors to it.  But if you prefer your Zombie attire pre-made, your local Thrift Shop may be the place to look.  

3) Clearance - In my opinion, clearance is the best thing that ever happened to retail.  Now keep in mind, if you or your little one need to have the latest and "greatest" cheaply made costume clearance might not be your best option, but if you not need to be super trendy, clearance is a great way to get a way expensive Halloween costume on a budget.  Most major retailers drastically mark down their Halloween merchandise soon after (sometimes even before the 31st).  In the past I have found great costumes and costumes accessories at up to 90% off just a couple days after Halloween, two dollar blond wing anyone!?!

Hope these few tips are helpful, I'd love to hear what you think.  How have you been able to put together Halloween costumes on a budget.  Please share!!
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