July 7, 2013

Make Your Own Stain Remover.... It WORKS!!!

Just stopping by to share this great DIY for Stain Remover.

When ever I am in the need of a product, a how - to or help  getting something done as cheaply as possible.
I go online, research  and  test before I share it with my friends and family. You will love this!

Make Your Own Stain Remover. This is a must try!


I have testing the stain remover on white socks, dingy towels, white t-shirt with underarm deodorant stains and even on my white loveseat and it Works!
Don't just take my work for it.
Try it for Yourself and then come back and comment and share you results.

2 common household product:

2 part  Dawn  BLUE Dishwashing Liquid1 Part Hydrogen Peroxide  and a spray bottle.
That's it!
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