July 6, 2013

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Those of us Living Life on 1 Income as a Single by chose or by circumstances  have  challenges that other may not. We are the sole provider of ourselves, family and household however we are deciding to enjoy and love our life and embrace life and live it to the fullest.

Living Life on 1 Income was created to motivate encourage and challenge those that are aiming to become or are living and supporting their household on 1 income and single. 
In todays economy, it takes creativity and community to make Living Life on One Income as a Single possible.
With that said, we welcome and encourage your ideas and comments.
Together we can make Living Live on One Income easier.
Whatever your goals or circumstances are, we SUPPORT YOU!
For the most part of my adult life I have been Living Life on 1 Income as a Single.  There has been challenges, as well as triumphs.  I will be open and honest with topics and will not hold anything back.
All I ask is one favor from YOU
If you are thinking about or are already Living Life on 1 Income as a Single we ask  for you comment and suggestions that way we can learn from each other.
LivingLifeOn1Income.blogspot.com - A community of people dedicated in coming together to motivate, encourage and challenge to achieve one mutual goal.
Living Life on 1 Income as a Single
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 The Sections to this Blog are:

Living Life- Coming Soon- My personal journey, as I am Living Life on 1 Income as a Single
  • There is were we share with one another our challenges trumpet and give advise or helpful hints
The Budget- In Progress
  • Easy steps to Taking Charge of Your Money
  • Great Ways to stretch the budget and save, save, save
More Discounts
  • Even more saving...
  • For the Home, For Self, For Family & Friends
Comment Policy- In Progress
  • Unfortunately, people  at times you come across someone that is not happy for one reason or the other and find a need to instill unwelcome and mean comments and under no circumstances it will be allowed on this  Living Life on 1 Income as a Single's Blog. Just can't have it. So if a post is writing that is writing to hurt anyone, it will be immediately, deleted.
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